Monday, August 29, 2011

Cruising for Women

The body shop gave me a loaner car today: a 2010, Grey Nissan, Vera. Since this is the newest and fanciest car I've had in more than 50 years of driving. I figured now was the time to go cruising for chicks

First, I went to Walmart. Ann wanted some mums to replace ones which froze out last, winter. I'd been on the lookout for them. Dead place around suppertime. I brought the mums home.

So I went to Sammy's Pizza here in town, because I figured I had eaten a pretty healthy diet this weekend: a reward! Mainly guys with their girlfriends were there who wore 3X Large shirts (lest you think I have a misplaced modifier here) -the gals wore the 3XL shirts, the guys' biceps and chests fit nicely into smalls and mediums.

After Sammy's I cruised by the Cloquet Public Library. Because I chose to eat first, the library was closed. I forgot the library was on its summer schedule in the summer.

Then I drove by the Cloquet Fitness Center. The women had a martial arts class in progress. So I moved on. Seemed like a dangerous place to be looking.

Next I rode by the Bearaboo, Broadway Espresso and Gordy's Warming House, three local coffee houses. Because Gordy's has twenty to thirty flavors of ice cream every woman there seemed to have a mess of little kids. Literally - a mess! Again I moved on, quickly.

Finally I circled the bar at the Northeastern; twice! The women I saw sitting outside at the tables there were about the age of my youngest stepdaughter.

Only woman who seemed to take an interest in "my" new car was, Irene, my neighbor, wife of George.
"Oh, Ken, new car?" she asked.
I replied, "No, a body shop loaner."
It seemed she ended the conversation and lot more quickly than polite convention would suggest necessary.

I'm thinking there's more to this process of cruising for women than a fancy car!
A reader commented: "Ken, next time you need a rental car for chick cruising, try a little BMW convertible, or even a Mazda, not a soccer mom SUV."